Elite Heal Post-Surgery Program in Hollywood & Miami FL

Elite Heal Post-Surgery Program

Serving the South Florida area with locations in Hollywood and Miami, FL

Dr. Andreas C. Tomac, MD, PhD, FAANS is a distinguished neurosurgeon specializing in diagnosing and treating pain. Novo Neurosurgery offers the Elite Heal Post-Surgery Program to give patients extra support during their healing process using human growth hormone (HGH)

What is the Elite Heal Post-Surgery Program?

Introducing our Elite Heal Post-Surgery Program, expertly crafted to provide additional support during your healing journey with the assistance of human growth hormone (HGH). Under the guidance of renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Tomac, this program harnesses the regenerative power of HGH to rapidly rebuild and strengthen muscles and tissues. Ideal for those with deficiencies, recovering from injuries or surgeries, or seeking to prevent age-related degeneration, this three-month program addresses various concerns:

  • Facilitates healing processes
  • Optimizes weight and muscle health
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Enhances sex drive and mental acuity throughout your post-surgical recovery.