Physical & Medical Clearances in Hollywood & Miami FL

Physical & Medical Clearances

Ensure your readiness for surgery through our comprehensive Surgical Clearance Services. Prior to any surgical procedure, it is crucial to undergo a medical clearance exam to assess the health of your body and determine its ability to withstand the rigors of surgery. Recognizing that surgeries vary in severity, the body undergoes substantial stress both on the operating table and during the postoperative phase. At Novo Neurosurgery, we prioritize your well-being, and our surgical clearance process is designed to evaluate and prepare your body for a successful surgical experience.

Our Surgical Clearance Services encompass a thorough examination to cover all aspects of your health. This includes a COVID-19 test, when indicated, to ensure safety in the current environment. The comprehensive process involves a physical exam that reviews vital signs, medical history, and body systems. Additionally, we conduct a blood draw for all necessary lab tests, urine collection for relevant lab tests, and digital X-rays and ECGs as deemed necessary for a holistic assessment. Trust Novo Neurosurgery to provide meticulous and comprehensive surgical clearance, laying the foundation for a smooth and successful surgical journey.

For patient convenience we do offer in-house lab draws. 

The administration fee to draw the labs is $150. Please note that the testing facility also charges separately to run the tests and this fee is separate from our office fee.