Pre-Operative Instructions in Hollywood & Miami FL

Pre-Operative Instructions

The following instructions should be followed closely except when overruled by specific procedural instructions.


Two Weeks Prior To Surgery

  • NO ASPIRIN or medicines that contain aspirin* since it interferes with normal blood clotting.
  • NO IBUPROFEN or medicines contain ibuprofen* as it interferes with blood clotting.
  • Please discontinue all herbal medications* as many have side effects that could complicate a surgical procedure by inhibiting blood clotting, affecting blood pressure, or interfering with anesthetics.
  • Please discontinue all diet pills whether prescription, over-the-counter or herbal as many will interfere with anesthesia and can cause cardiovascular concerns.
  • No “megadoses” of vitamin E, but a multiple vitamin that contains E is just fine.
  • NO SMOKING because nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin and can cause significant complications during healing.
  • You may take Tylenol or generic forms of this drug. These do not interfere with blood clotting or healing.
  • Start taking a multivitamin each day and continue taking through your recovery. The healthier you are, the quicker your recovery will be.

One Week Prior To Surgery

  • DO NOT use alcoholic beverages one week before and after surgery, as it dilates blood vessels and can cause unwanted bleeding. This caution also extends to the duration while pain medications are being used, as it can be a dangerous combination.
  • DO report any signs of cold, infection, boils, or pustules appearing before surgery.
  • DO NOT take any cough or cold medications without permission.
  • DO arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to and from the facility on the day or surgery, since you will not be allowed to leave on your own.
  • DO arrange for a responsible individual to spend the first 24 hours with you, since you CANNOT be left alone.

Night Before Surgery & Morning of Surgery

  • DO NOT eat or drink anything (not even water) after midnight the night before your surgery. Also, no gum, candy, mints or coffee the morning of surgery. Do not sneak anything as this may endanger you.
  • If you are on regular medications, please clear these with Doctor.
  • DO take a thorough shower with your germ-inhibiting soap the night before and the morning of surgery. Shampoo your hair the morning of surgery. This is to decrease the bacteria on the skin and thereby decrease the risk of infection.
  • DO NOT apply any of the following to your skin, hair or face the morning of surgery: makeup, creams, lotions, hair gels, sprays, perfumes, powder, or deodorant. Using any of these products will add bacteria to the skin and increase the risk of infection.
  • You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery but do not drink anything.
  • DO NOT wear contacts to surgery. If you do wear glasses, bring your eyeglass case.
  • DO wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that do not have to be put on over your head. The best thing to wear home is a button-up top and pull on pants. You will want easy-to-slip-on flat shoes.
  • DO NOT bring any valuables or wear any jewelry (no rings, earrings, chains, toe rings, other metal piercings or watches). We will need to tape wedding rings if worn.
  • You must have an adult drive for you – to and from surgery. Please note that a cab or bus driver will not be allowed to take you home after surgery. On arrival, be sure we know your driver’s name, phone numbers, and how we will be able to reach them.
  • If you are not recovering at home, it is very important that we have the number where you will be after surgery.