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Revision Surgery

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Dr. Andreas C. Tomac, MD, PhD, FAANS is a distinguished neurosurgeon specializing in Revision Surgeries.

What is Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery refers to a surgical procedure that is performed to address or correct issues related to a previous surgery. It may involve modifications, adjustments, or additional interventions to address complications, persistent symptoms, or new problems that have arisen since the initial surgical procedure.

Revision surgery is a complex decision that requires careful consideration of the individual’s overall health, the nature of the initial surgery, and the specific issues at hand. It is important for individuals to communicate openly with their Dr. Tomac and his team to make informed decisions about whether revision surgery is the right course of action for their situation.

Key points about revision surgery:

Revision surgery may be necessary for various reasons, such as:

    • Incomplete resolution of symptoms from the initial surgery.
    • Development of complications or adverse effects.
    • Recurrence of the original condition.

Types of Revision Surgery:

  • The nature of revision surgery depends on the type of initial procedure and the specific issues requiring correction. It may involve removing hardware, repairing or revising previous incisions, or addressing new pathology.

Risk and Benefits:

  • Revision surgery comes with its own set of risks and benefits. The decision to undergo revision surgery is typically based on a thorough evaluation of the individual’s condition, the expected benefits, and potential risks.